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Montag, 29.04.2013

Bako National Park

Montag, 29.04.2013

Where to begin?? :D

Donnerstag, 11.04.2013


Donnerstag, 11.04.2013

God Praises Air Conditioning!!

Heey Guys!!

I had two awesome days!!
After my first night I felt pretty beat up as my travel was quite stressful! Anyway I got up, had breakfast (2 toasts) and went to see the town, which is awesome!! Soo much culture collected in such a nice area!

Iafter I saw the twin towers in KL and the central market (indian,chines, malay culture) I had the wonderful idea to just walk from one metro station to the other-of course in the middle of the day when the heat is most burning. So I went along the mainstreet until it suddenly stopped. well, the pavement stopped so one malaysian guy just told me to continue as he is sure that cars wont hit me. So the german tourist walks along the HIGHWAY, passing construction works and thinks by herself:" What the fuck am I doing here??" I guess construction workers thought the same as they were laughing very much when I passed by :D All in all my first city day was impressive.
In the pictures you have some impressions. Highlight of the day was Batu Caves. Its a temple area whcih leads to stairs which end in a stunning cave. Temperature was about 30 degrees all day and in the evening (5pm) is started raining. But not the usual "european rain" but a monsoon that took ages to stop. Me and a friend were hiding under a roof for 1 hour ( isnt it nice to just have tie to wait in the rain?) well, after 1 hour we became hungry so I just wraped myself into a plastig bag and continued our journey :D That was pretty funny though :D
Today me and two friends wnet to lake Park to see the biggest natural bird park. This day finished with some indian food ( everybody who really knows me, can imagin me trying find something to eat- at the end it was alomost just plain rice).
Anyway I love it here- the atmosphere just catched me!

Tomorrow I am gonna head to the east part of the main island to some beautiful islands...


Best wishes from Claudus!

Dienstag, 09.04.2013

An Everlasting SMILE

Its about 10ish at night in Kuala Lumpur and I finally arrived in the place with approximately 3000% humidity :D After my flights I took a fast train from the Airport to KL City Centre. While sitting in the train, half dieing because of the heat, it started raining heavyly! Cant remember when I last saw lightnings and soo much rain!
At the city center I found a taxi that brought me for 2 Euro to my hostel. Stinging like a construction worker, I checked in, had a shower and washed my laundry old style in the sink :D

Malaysia is mostly populated with Malay, Chinese and Indian people. All of them are almost unstoppable in being nice and helpful!
I am gonna stay in KL probably 3 days in which I will guide myself around. (Pictures will folow)
Afterwards I will probably head south as some malaysian people told me that the nature is stunning!
 So far so good:D

Best wishes to everyone! ClaudusMaimus 

Montag, 08.04.2013

Its getting started!

I am at the airport!!!
After a taff night at the airport I just noticed that some clothes which supposed to be in my backpack are still somewhere where they should not be- at home -,- well, I am not surprised :D I will head to my gate now, which is 1 hour by foot away! Then I have a 11,5 hours flight so Vietnam, where I stay 7 hours before I finally head to Kuala Lumpur.

Memo to myself: Buy some clothes- you almost have none.

Wishes to all of you!!

Mittwoch, 27.03.2013

Preparation is running exciting!

Welcome to my blog that makes you part of this awesome adventure! 

If you got a link to that "diary" you can be sure that I want you feel the same wonderful emotions I feel during my journey- even from thousands of miles away!


Within the last 3 months I was stressed by exams, work and other stuff, so I guess its really time for a break. My preparation began with my 3 vaccinations on monday. 
Time after time I got me some equipment as for example a pocket knife, mosquite net and batteries for my camera.

Apart from that I think I am well prepared- well, lets say I am nobody who needs to plan the whole jouney in advance. I am more the type- "lets go and see what happens". Cool 

 Just 13 days left!!

Mittwoch, 27.03.2013

Bald geht es los

Dies ist der erste Eintrag in meinem neuen Blog. In Zukunft werde ich hier über meine Erlebnisse im Ausland berichten.